Nursery (3 – 4 years)

A regular surroundings to facilitate language studying and improvement of mental capacity, by means of fostering curiosity of the baby wonderful interplay and new possibilities to discover the world.

Cognitive Skills:

  • Development of gross motor capabilities and improvisation
  • Music and rhythm
  • Creativity
  • Observation of the world and growing curiosity
  • Behavior manipulate and social skills
  • Learning to use the keyboard and mouse

Mathematical and Logical Milestones:

  • Understanding of colors, shapes and sizes- 2nd and 3d shapes
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Understanding numbers and extent

Language Milestones:

  • Developing pincer grip
  • Phonics and diagraphs
  • Words thru visible memory
  • Learning to examine along
  • Vocabulary development
  • Story telling and photograph reading
  • Recognition of simple print i.e. Understanding that pages strikes in a sequence and phrases are examine from left to proper