Jr. KG (4 – 5 years) / Sr. KG (5-6 years)

A Holistic application that advances the expertise the toddler has obtained in the basis years. getting to know to manage emotions, empathize with others whilst getting to know the three R’s. Learning to take turns. Listening to others, questioning the world round them, turning into comfy in their very own space, getting equipped to face the world.

Language Milestones:

  • Reading and figuring out quick and lengthy vowel sounds respectively.
  • Understanding and consciousness of mixture words, and simple diagraphs.
  • Reading and writing up to 5 letter words, independently.
  • Telling stories, jokes and riddles alongside with tongue twisters.
  • Understanding of primary grammar standards such as nouns, verbs and
  • adjectives, additionally in a position to become aware of the identical in sentences, study out loud.
  • Talk about matters that are going to show up as nicely matters that have already happened.
  • Recognition of the Hindi varnmala alongside with vocabulary for the same.
  • Independent writing of Hindi swar.

Mathematical and Logical Milestones:

  • Writing and awareness of numbers from 0-100.
  • Writing and attention of range names 1-10
  • Understanding of the notion of ‘before’ and ‘after’ numbers
  • Understanding of the idea of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’
  • Understanding of the thought of addition and subtraction of single digit numbers, mentally as nicely as written.
  • Understanding of simple principles of grasp of space, and mapping activities.
  • Being in a position to resolve sequencing and two repeating sample questions.